Show Spotlight: Sakura Sunset

A brand new show is coming to FM89! Hosted by Matthew Lundeen, Sakura Sunset is a two-hour celebration of the best of Japanese rock. Tune in every Thursday night from 6 to 8 to hear tracks from artists you simply won’t hear on any other station this corner of the world. There are plenty of segments spotlighting artists and tons of songs that any savvy anime fan will recognize.

Matthew feels it’s important that this music is celebrated, and he wants others to enjoy it as much as he does. He says, “Watching anime introduced me to a slew of bands from Japan across all kinds of genres. I grew to really appreciate how much music can move you without completely understanding the words. This show is a product of that; it gives me an opportunity to expose the audience to music they normally might not hear.” Tune in every Thursday night from 6 to 8, and hear what you’ve been missing!