FM89 Goes Digital

The start of 2020 came with a lot of conversation of new decade resolutions, hopes, aspirations, and, of course, friends and coworkers flaunting what they got for the holidays. Here at FM89, we were given possibly the best gift of all: a new studio console. This was something that, if you asked the students working behind the mic, was long overdue.

WONC’s new digital console

The new console is fully digital, cutting edge, and something even some commercial stations don’t have. The upgrade of the studio included not only a new console, but a new setup more comfortable for the staff, and new opportunities to learn this updated technology.

WONC Facilities Director Matt Hehl said, “This will be a great asset for students both now, and far into the future,” and he’s right. The new console means the students at FM89 are working with technology more closely related to that of the technology in commercial stations, where many FM89 students will go to work post-graduation.

WONC Facilities Director Matt Hehl

Needless to say, the students are incredibly grateful and ready to continue learning the ins and outs of the console. Chris Duffy, host of Duff Stuff and FM89’s Public Affairs Director said, “It’s a huge privilege to use this. I’m still learning how to use it fully, but it’s a great opportunity for us.”

As a staff, we can’t say thank you enough to all the generous people who donated to the station and made this possible, and of course, thank you to the college for allowing us this space to learn such important skills for our futures.