Locals On Love

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It is that lovey-dovey time of the year again! Whether you are a sucker for Valentine’s Day or think that it is just another Hallmark holiday, you cannot deny a good love song! The Chicago-land music scene has pumped out many gorgeous ballads and up-beat anthems recently with themes ranging from “I have a crush” to “I have found the one”. Struck by Cupid or not, these tunes by some of my favorite local musicians are sure to melt your heart. 

1.) “Crush”- Ava Morse 

Listening to this song, I was taken back to 7th grade where I had my first major crush. His name was Jake and his resemblance to Kurt Cobain was uncanny. “Crush” will turn the nostalgia dial all the way up! Ava does a wonderful job at explaining the special feeling that you have when you crush on someone. Listening to the song, you can practically feel all those butterflies in your stomach! It is fun, sweet, and catchy. Warning: “Crush” will be stuck in your head for several weeks after your first listen.  

2.) “Loving You”- The Darling Suns 

I can picture this song being featured in an Indie film where two people embark on a road trip to anywhere and fall in love along the way. “Loving You” makes me think of a long drive or picnic in the park with that special someone. Sadly, it is not the best time to set up a picnic in snowy Chicago right now. However, this song will warm your heart! The Darling Suns know how to write a song that pulls every last heart string and that is proven by their debut full-length album “Midnight Feelings”. My favorite lyric from this tune is: “Love like a best friend or not at all”.  

3.) “Just Kidding, It’s Trust”- Each Day 

Each Day does a fantastic job encompassing the vulnerability it takes to love and be loved in their song “Just Kidding, It’s Trust”. It is scary to be open and let people into your heart! Despite how a great amount of people can relate to this, I have not heard many songs that have this message. The soft harmonies and melodic guitars make “Just Kidding, It’s Trust” a beautiful listening experience. My favorite lyric: “You have my heart and the power to hurt me”. 

4.) “Sexy Woman”- Saltwater Tap 

Although “Sexy Woman” is not claiming to be a love song, it talks of two people who find themselves in their own little world. The line “So here we find ourselves sitting In esoteric, solitary song” makes me think of a couple who is alone in a state of mind that only they can understand. The instrumentation is stunning. The violin contributes greatly to making it as moving of a tune as it is. “Sexy Woman” is a great song for one to slow dance to with their lover. 

5.) “Our Wedding”- Peter Hunt and The Great Outdoors 

Peter Hunt and The Great Outdoors is known for the lively, big sound that they have in every song they put out there and “Our Wedding” is no exception! With the vibrant horns, bright acoustic guitar, and witty lyrics, this song will leave you with a smile on your face the whole time. It is a song that is perfect to listen to when daydreaming about walking down the aisle with that special someone someday. This one is definitely a favorite of mine on their new album ‘Downers Delight’. 

6.) “I Do”- Christian JaLon

Christian’s angelic and powerful voice soars in “I Do”, a song all about believing in love. “I Do” speaks of being swept by love unexpectedly, which is something many of us could relate to. Although she did not see this love coming and does not know what the future holds, she is confident in her bond with this person. The part where all the vocals layer up that starts at 2:45 gives me chills. There are many parts that leave you breathless on Christian JaLon’s album, ‘If You Let Me’. My favorite line is: “I’ll be the sunflower to your summertime”. The music video is also extremely charming and would be a great viewing for you and your sunflower.

7.) “She’s There”- Larry Anthony

“She’s There” is such a great tune to walk down the street to. The beats add a bouncy-feel to this feel-good, electric song. Larry Anthony sings about young love and overcoming obstacles like long distance. The music video is equally as vibrant and fun. There is another layer of genuineness that is added to it with the female love interest in the video being Larry’s real-life wife, Emilie Lesniak. I cannot handle this extreme level of cuteness!

8.) “Cheers”- Sam Trump

This song is possibly the most romantic song that I have ever heard. Sam Trump praises the love that he has found in “Cheers”. This love is strong, passionate, and long-lasting. Sam’s smooth voice and the sultry groove sets an intimate tone. It is a beautiful song off of a beautiful album titled ‘Love Notes’. ‘Love Notes’ is the perfect album to listen to with your person this Valentine’s Day.

If these songs do not make you believe in love, I do not know what will. Click here to check out these and some more local love songs in a playlist! Do not forget to request your favorite Chicago-land artists every Sunday from 8-10 pm for Local Chaos!