Super Whatevr at Beat Kitchen

On February 28th, I had the opportunity to see Super Whatevr at Beat Kitchen in Chicago. Touring for their new album, Don’t You Wanna Be Glad, released in February, Skyler McKee and Chase Vernon put on a high energy, fun, upbeat show, despite a number of fans expressing their distaste for the latest release.

Super Whatevr is one of those bands that has an infectious energy. Comparing this show to the first time I saw them in 2018, the band has not lost their drive and their incredible stage presence. At this show, they opened with “wesleepwedream,” the tenth track on their new record. As the show progressed, the crowd got more and more into it, with Skyler even calling for the crowd to do a wall of death while they performed “Cops on Motorcycles” off their first album, Never Nothing.

Toward the end of their set, Skyler quieted the crowd to talk about mental health, something not uncommon at pop punk shows, but also very necessary. He introduced the song “Someone, Somewhere, Somehow” with the story of his cousin’s suicide, and informed the crowd that there are resources for those who need help. He reminded everyone that there is no shame in getting help, and after performing the song, said to everyone “We’re gonna make it.” It was a moment that felt frozen in time, but one that I’m certain stuck with the people in the crowd.

For their encore, Skyler and Chase came back out, this time equipped with a ukulele and a slightly calmer energy. At this point, Skyler had come to the edge of the stage, sat down, and had the audience sit on the floor around him as he performed “Will Work For Food” in what was an incredibly intimate and meaningful moment in the show. Finishing the show with “Misquote” and “Good Luck,” Skyler and Chase left the stage to then hang out at the merch table to meet some fans that stuck around.

Overall, the show was one that felt personal. It was intimate. The crowd didn’t feel like a bunch of people pushing each other around in a mosh pit. For that night, that crowd was a family. It was the type of show that makes everyone feel welcome, and like everyone belongs. Of all the times I’ve seen Super Whatevr, they have never failed to create that vibe. I highly recommend seeing them live if you ever get the chance.