A Pleasant Surprise From One of My Favorite Artists

by Maddy O’Connell

“When it Rains, it Pours” by Luke Combs couldn’t be more fitting right now as we try and fight the coronavirus that’s fighting back just as hard.

Amid this outbreak that’s preventing us from doing pretty much anything, I’m feeling pretty down about how I might not experience any summer concerts this year. I look forward to summer country concerts all winter long, and now, I might not get that chance this summer.

Last night, I went on Facebook, because what else am I going to do all day long, and I noticed that Luke Combs had gone live. He played a new song, as well as some old ones, while he just chilled out in his basement. Of course, he had his trusty red solo cup in hand as he played.

He was raw and pure and all the amazing things that country artists usually are. He wasn’t there to get views or to make money; he was there playing for his fans because he wanted to share what he loves to do. He knows that everyone is sad about something being taken away from them right now, so he was trying to spread some happiness.

Combs also said he plans to do this every week until we can venture out of our homes again. Like he said, he has nothing else to do and neither do we! Several other artists have planned to do, or have already done, something similar. Miley Cyrus, Charli XCX and Bebe Rexha are all artist taking part in trying to cure the boredom at home.

 We all might as well enjoy the one thing we can get pretty much anywhere at any time: music.