Bad Date? Try One of These to Get Out!

by Fredlyn Pierre Louis

Anyone who’s ever dated knows that not every date is a love connection. Sometimes, you’re just not clicking with each other, and you both know it’s best to cut your losses and move on. Sometimes, though, a really bad date can be hard to get out of, and you have to use more extreme measures. I’ve got some ways to ditch out if you’re on the worst date ever:

  • Get a friend to crash the date: Run to the bathroom and text a friend to come save you. When your friend gets there, let them play the part of the clingy third wheel, and then make it clear that the date is over.
  • Play the (fake) kids game: Pretend your phone is ringing and act like it’s your babysitter. Say something crazy like the kids are sick, pooping everywhere, or it’s time for the babysitter to leave.
  • Escape: This one is easy: pretend you’re going to the bathroom and leave, or explain your situation to the server and ask for an alternative exit. Whether it’s the bathroom window, back entry, or front door exit is an exit, and getting out is the goal.
  • Plan ahead: Arrange with a friend to make a check-in call. That way, if the date is going horribly, you can pretend your friend is having an emergency and needs your help right away.
  • Honesty: This, as they say, is the best policy, and even though it’s last on this list, it should be the first on yours. Tell your date the truth! If you’re not feeling comfortable with them, be upfront and honest about it. Most people will understand and move on, because nobody wants to spend time with someone who doesn’t like them. If they’re persistent and won’t take no for an answer, then you may need to resort to something more extreme.

The most important thing to remember if you’re on a bad date is your own safety. Restaurant staff have probably seen and heard everything when it comes to dates, and there’s a good chance they’ll help if you need it.