A Guide on How To Support Local Music

Local music is fundamental to our community. The art that local musicians put out into Chicago defines our city! They tell our stories and it is vital that we support them. Below are some ways that you can help your favorite local musicians thrive and reach new heights!

1.) Support on Social Media!

Follow and like your favorite local musician’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages! Social media plays a huge role in artists reaching greater audiences! Also, don’t be a lazy follower! A great way to help local musicians is to comment on their stuff. Giving feedback on posts shows the band/musician that people are listening and that can be very motivating! Local musicians care about what their fans have to say and can really benefit from hearing your opinions! Make sure to share posts by local musicians too so your friends and family can discover their music! A lovely tool that Facebook has is that one can share music pages and events with friends. Don’t hesitate to recommend your favorite local musicians to your followers and invite them to their shows!

2.) Make a Playlist of Your Favorite Local Music and Share It!

Help other people discover your favorite local musicians and create a playlist with their music! Spotify is a great service that allows you to put together songs from local musicians for free! When you make the playlist, make sure to inform the bands/artists that their music is included! They will be able to share with others that their music is featured on your playlist and more people will listen! Also, consider making your playlist collaborative and allow others to add their favorite local music too!

3.) Go To Shows!

Like Language before their set at Homegrown Arts and Music Festival, one of the biggest local music festivals in Illinois!

Whether the show is free or not, your attendance is vital to the success of local musicians! They do not just benefit from ticket sales. Local musicians want to connect with you and they do so when they share their craft in real time. Live music is a beautiful experience! There is no comparable feeling to when you’re at a concert and you’re one with the performer. It is as if there is no one else in the room but you and who’s playing on stage. There is this energy that comes from live music that is electric. Performing is a favorite part of being a musician for many because of being able to experience that connection with audience members. It can be a very intimate experience! Don’t miss out on shows because you can experience the music of a local artist in a different way than you can listening to it in your earbuds. Another pro of attending concerts is that you can gain a better understanding of your favorite local musician. A lot of the time, bands/artists will share with you about their music in between playing their tunes! They may talk about the meaning behind their words or the process of creating the song itself. They may also share more about themselves as well. You can get to know the people behind your fav songs on a more personal level by going to their shows.

4.) Rep Their Merch!

Olivia Ports and I after our interview on Local Chaos I am supporting her merchandise!

There is so much power in simply wearing a shirt with your favorite local musician’s name on it. When you sport a local musician’s t-shirt with their name or logo, you are a walking advertisement of their music! You are sharing their name with others and helping their music gain exposure! A great way to spread awareness about your favorite local musician is to rock their stickers on your laptop, instrument cases, and reusable water bottles! Also, the money that the musicians earn from you buying their merchandise can go back to their effort in making more music that you love!

5.) Buy Their Music!

Although streaming services are a convenient way to listen to music, it is vital that we invest in our favorite local bands/artists! Streaming services are known not to compensate musicians as well as they should. If you really dig an EP or album, don’t hesitate and buy it. Your money then goes directly to the local musician that you love and they can use it to make more music! CD’s are not cheap to make and distribute. Your investment will be a great help to the local musician with putting their art out there!

Doing some or all of these things will help local musician’s reach their fullest potential and achieve great success! Spread the local love and listen to Local Chaos every Sunday from 8-10 Pm!