Pink Floyd: The Dark Side of Oz?

by Kristin Roy

The Yellow Brick Road isn’t only found in Oz, but also within some of our favorite songs from Pink Floyd. Known for their extended compositions and elaborate live shows, Pink Floyd, formed in London before moving over to the U.S., created some of the best progressive rock ever.

Roger Waters, Syd Barrett, Richard Wright, and David Gilmour won numerous music and tour awards throughout their reign in the public music stream. Tours like The Division Bell, In the Flesh, and Dark Side of the Moon carry memories and jams that still rock today. Pink Floyd was a band unlike any other, but they shared one common thing with other rock bands: the deliberative lyrics, like on Dark Side of the Moon.

When the album was released, many began to realize that it was symmetrical to The Wizard of Oz. Some die-hard fans and conspirators still maintain that the rainbow on the album cover alludes to them being connected in some way. This concept is known by different names like “Dark Side of the Rainbow,” “The Wizard of Floyd,” and “Dark Side of Oz.”

No matter if you’re off to see the wizard, or just seeing Another Brick in the Wall, FM89 has got you covered with all of your Pink Floyd must-haves like “Comfortably Numb,” “Money,” and “Wish You Were Here,” as well as deep-cuts like “The Great Gig in the Sky,” “Arnold Layne,” and “On the Turning Away.”