Stuck at Home? Watch Marc Maron: End Times Fun

by Aaron Bilal

With COVID-19 tensions rising and increased stress of social distancing, it’s important to unwind every now and again. If you’re cooped up at home and slowly losing your mind, then hop on Netflix and watch stand-up comedian Marc Maron’s latest special, End Times Fun. Instead of losing your mind over things you can’t control, watch Maron go on stage and vent and freak out over all the things he can’t control.

While this special was filmed well before the Coronavirus outbreak, Maron comes off as prophetic with the subject matter of his latest special. If I had to sum up the theme of his special, it would be “coping with crisis.”

The crises that Marc deals with range from the most menial to the worst-case scenario. At one point, Maron talks about how he’s famous enough that out of a group of five people, two will recognize him, and then try and explain to the other three who he is, with no success. Maron also talks about the end of the world and Vice-President Mike Pence’s reaction to discovering there is no God. That bit had me in stitches!

Throughout the special, Maron will continually say, “I don’t know” when responding to how to deal with these crises. While the special is a funny insight into the plight of a stand-up comedian’s day-to-day life, it also provides a message to not be like him. Don’t stress over things you can’t control. Don’t make the world’s problems your problems. To lead a happy life, focus on what you can control and leave what you can’t, because it will only cause you continued stress and headaches, and you’ll end up being a comedian making a Netflix special about those stresses and headaches.