No Live Baseball? MLB The Show is Here For You

by Dominic Archer

With the current world situation, baseball is on hiatus and I, a lifelong Cubs fan, am longing for it. Opening day Cubs games have been a family tradition since my great grandpa started it back in the 50’s. Now, it’s just me and my grandpa who watch the game together, and it saddens me that I couldn’t watch opening day with him, and I won’t get to watch games this spring. But, there is a way for a longtime Cub fan like me to get their fix. Kind of.

I wanted to see how the Cubs would do in their game against the Pirates today (April 1st), but without baseball for a while, I had to resort to alternative methods. Using the video game “MLB The Show,” I constructed a real-life lineup for both the Cubs and the Pirates. Alec Mills took the mound for the Cubs, and Mitch Keller took the ball for the Bucs for game 3 of Wrigley Field’s opening series of the 2020 season. The game was uneventful until Anthony Rizzo doubled in the 3rd to bring Kris Bryant home, and with the next pitch, Javy Baez launched one into the seats in left center field. Kyle Schwarber then homered in the 5th inning, bringing Rizzo and Baez home. Mills went 7 strong innings, allowing 2 runs off of only 2 hits, no walks, and 9 strikeouts.

Keller’s outing, however, didn’t go as well. His totals for the game were 5 innings, 9 hits, 5 runs, no walks, and 1 strikeout. Tyler Chatwood, Jeremy Jeffress, and Craig Kimbrel would finish what Mills started, giving the Cubs a 6-2 win.

“MLB The Show” does a great job of giving realistic stats and simulations for things like this. It gives fans the opportunity to watch an almost real-life simulation of what could happen on any given day, even though there won’t be a live game for a while. It’s not real baseball, but it’s close enough for me!