Week One On Campus!

by Jette-Mari Anni

The fall semester has officially begun, but as expected, things are nothing like they were the same time last year. Although the campus feels a little emptier with many classes moving over to an online format, and the trend among students to be seeking human connection after all these months (from 6ft apart), our staff is back on the air and couldn’t be more excited!

Last semester was abruptly cut short, and we had to distance ourselves from the radio station. Fortunately, the time off provided its own opportunities, and we’re returning with many good stories to tell!

Many of us were focusing on professional development. Internships, jobs, and summer courses provided an opportunity to learn some new skills and get a feel of the industries we’re considering for the future. Johanna landed her first gig to film a wedding video for a couple who didn’t let COVID-19 stop them from celebrating love!

With the pandemic drastically changing all areas of life, especially jobs, our staff got to spend some quality time with family. Some said that it was the first summer since their early teenage years that they didn’t have to work the entire time. Short weekend trips to the lake, neighboring states, and family cabins were definitely a vacation trend for the summer of 2020.

Like many others in quarantine around the nation, we picked up some projects at home like gardening, giving old furniture fresh looks, and baking the internet phenomenon Cloud Bread! Rachel’s summer highlight, however was bringing home a fuzzy friend, Poppy the hamster! Rachel says Poppy loves burrowing and eating treats, and then runs off the calories ALL NIGHT. However, the little short-haired Syrian is so adorable she gets a pass for that.

We can’t wait to hear about your summer highlights and play the best Pure Rock to make the memories extra sweet. It’s so good to be back!