Both Chicago Teams Disappoint in the MLB Postseason

For the first time since 2008 both Chicago baseball teams have made the postseason. The Cubs were able to win the NL Central and the White Sox were able to be one of the most exciting teams to watch in baseball.

Unfortunately, both of the teams suffered a first-round exit in the Wild Card portion of the playoffs. The White Sox lost to the Oakland A’s and the Cubs got swept by the Miami Marlins.

The White Sox won game one, but in game two and three the A’s were able to secure the wins. Pitching and poor bullpen management from manager Rick Renteria was the big killer for the White Sox as the bats came alive after a rough end to the regular season.

It was vice versa for the Cubs. In game one Kyle Hendricks pitched a great game until he gave up a 3-run home run to Corey Dickerson. The issue within the home run was manager David Ross leaving Hendricks out there for too long as prior to the at-bat he was over 100 pitches. 

Between the two games, the Cubs drove in one run thanks to an Ian Happ solo home run in game one. The Cubs were able to get a total of nine hits through both games.

What now? The White Sox will continue to build off their 2020 season with a chance to add pitching and perhaps looking for a new manager. For the Cubs, this could be it for the core players that helped bring the franchise a World Series title.

The White Sox might not have a flashy offseason like they just had, but for the Cubs, all eyes will be on them as uncertainty starts to roll in.