Let’s Get into the Halloween Spirit!

by Callie Todaro

All right, let’s be honest. This year sucks for just about everything. I’m not even sure if there still is Trick or Treating for the kids or not, but I know some counties are different. Although there won’t be parties to go to and bars aren’t open, we should still try to spice up Halloween the best we can.

When I think of Halloween, I think of bonfires, fun costumes, scary movies, and lots of candy. All these things are still doable, even during lock down, so grab your favorite people and animals and whip up a fun costume together. The people who have the most fun on holidays are the ones who contribute. It’s as simple as grabbing a white t-shirt, squirting red paint on it, and putting a cereal box on your head so you’re a “cereal killer.”

Another thing that’s always fun, easy, and in your house, is a candy scavenger hunt with kids.  You can really do this with anyone, because who doesn’t love candy and scavenger hunts? Coming up with riddles and spooky stories to find candy all around the house makes the night one to remember. You’re also never too old to go to a pumpkin patch or get lost in a haunted corn maze.

Another thing that really gets you into the Halloween spirit is watching classic horror movies. I recently watched the 80s version of Children of the Corn and Poltergeist. I’m not a huge horror movie gal because I can’t sleep through the night after watching one, but watching these types of older movies gives a creepy, scary vibe. I do enjoy the special effects of the older movies, and seeing how different they are from today’s movies. Special effects in movies today are more realistic, and that’s the main reason why I can’t handle a lot of the newer horror movies.

There’s just something about an 80s movie, though. Whether it’s a horror film or a movie like The Breakfast Club, it just gives me some type of vintage vibe that I love to watch. So, watch some good modern horror movies that will keep you up all night, or some classics that are creepy but fun to reflect on. Either way, it’s a good time! Also, if you haven’t watched Hocus Pocus, it’s a must because it’s the best Halloween movie ever!