Meet the hosts of Alternage!

FM89 has a brand new show every Friday from 8-10PM! Alternage will feature the best punk, pop punk, emo, and alternative.

Chloe Kallberg

Chloe is a freshman, double majoring in English and secondary education. She’s been obsessed with Green Day since she was twelve, and her love for punk music expanded vastly from there. Some of her other favorite bands include Operation Ivy, The Cure, and Cake. She’s also played guitar since she was twelve, and enjoys writing and performing music she’s written herself. Along with music, Chloe loves theatre and has brought her high school experience to college, being cast in two North Central theatre productions this school year. Her favorite author is Marc Spitz, and she will stop at nothing (within reason) to figure out his cause of death.

Jesse Hudgins

Jesse is a freshman, double majoring in Journalism and Music Composition. He’s been pursuing music since he was a little kid, putting on makeshift Green Day concerts in his living room for his parents. He plays drums and has been playing with groups since he was 13. He loves bands like Blink182, Paramore, Slaves, and Neck Deep. He also loves playing video games such as Mario and God of War, and is absolutely in love with the graphic novel Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

Rachel Albers

Rachel is a senior, majoring in Marketing with a minor in Broadcast Communication. She’s been the Station Manager at WONC for over two years, and is excited to be co-hosting Alternage! When she isn’t studying or at the station, she likes to read, watch bad rom-coms on Netflix, and play Animal Crossing (which she’s spent 340 hours playing since the release last year). Rachel’s favorite music genre is pop-punk, and she’s always sharing music with her friends, so now she gets to share her favorite songs and bands with you! She can’t choose a favorite band, but her top two picks are The Maine and The All-American Rejects.

You can find out more about us and our show by following our Instagram, @alternage891!