Virtual Vacay #2: New York!

by Saranda Rasmusson

Work or school have you stressed? Are you tired of waking up early just to do the same boring thing every day? If you answered yes to either of those questions, I think it’s time to go on another virtual vacation together! If you haven’t already read the first Virtual Vacay where we traveled to California, go ahead and check it out. If you have and are ready for our next destination, you’re in the right place.

For our next destination, we need to going somewhere exciting, and with lots of shopping. I mean, why not? It’s a virtual vacation, which means a virtual wallet! Maybe someplace where we could go to dinner and a show. We have to go big with this one…hmm…oh, I’ve got it! New York! Time to jump on another virtual plane!

You get off your plane and step into the airport in New York. You easily find your way around the airport, and hail a cab to take you to Wall Street. As you look up at the enormous skyscrapers and around at the people bustling about, you feel the excitement growing inside you.

After a quick glance at the map you picked up in the airport, you head toward Fifth Avenue to get a head start on your shopping. First, though, you need coffee after that early flight! No need to fret, because this is New York, and coffee is what they do! As you walk in, you realize this is no ordinary coffee shop. It’s ultra-modern, with funky art covering almost every inch of the walls. Industrial style light fixtures hang from the fancy tin ceiling. While scanning the room, you also take a look at the extensive menu and pastry case. Latte, macchiato, skim milk, espresso, iced, mocha, hot, frozen, foam, no foam…this is just too much! I have a better idea. When it’s your turn to order, you point to the most indulgent pastry in the case and tell the barista to whip up her favorite coffee for you. Why not leave the decision up to someone who knows coffee the best?

With the best pastry you’ve ever tasted in your belly and mystery coffee in hand, you continue your trek down Fifth Avenue. For a while, you pop in and out of the big name-brand stores, and by this time, you have at least one bag hanging from each arm. Suddenly, you hear music. Good music! You look around and realize it’s coming from a man singing and playing guitar on a nearby street corner. The song is familiar; it’s Kansas! “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas! The man singing has a beautiful voice and has the guitar part down pat, so you take the only empty spot left on a bench and listen for a while.

After hearing him sing a medley of some of the best rock songs in history, acoustic style of course, you notice it’s getting late and you need to grab some dinner. You head to the restaurant everyone is talking about and get seated at the perfect table right away!

First is appetizers, which tonight happen to be smoked salmon on bruschetta with a lovely arrangement of toppings. Next is soup and salad, and you chose creamy roasted mushroom and brie soup with fresh garden salad. When you finish, you’re starting to feel stuffed, but that feeling is short-lived, because your medium rare steak and mountain of mashed potatoes show up to your table. You can’t wait to dig in! Even the glazed vegetables look delicious!

After finishing your meal, you pat your mouth with your napkin and stare at your empty plate. You can’t believe you ate the whole thing! When you look up and see your waiter crossing the dining room with the dessert cart, you know you’re in trouble…wait, who am I kidding! This is a virtual vacation, so we can eat as much dessert as we want!

You peek at the elegant clock on the wall and wave down your waiter to get the check because you’re almost late for your show. You have a great seat for Hamilton on Broadway and you don’t want to miss it! After flying through the theater lobby and following your usher to your seat, you ease back into your cozy seat just as the lights begin to dim.

How great was that? Shopping on Fifth Avenue, eating a fancy five course dinner (without the excess calories that go along with it), and seeing a Broadway musical live! All we had to do was a little visualization. I wonder how we’re going to top this vacation…