Your Next Playlist: Staff Picks

by Jette-Mari Anni

February 14th in Estonia isn’t a day reserved for lovers only. We call it a Friendship Day! Everyone brings little appreciation cards, chocolates, and gifts to their friends, and outside of the pandemic, we’d always do something fun together. This year, it was all about virtual things. My friends and I put together a playlist of all our favorite songs, and what better way to celebrate our friendships with you than to share our staff’s favorite rock songs with you!

My Chemical Romance is huge among our staffers right now. Courtland has been enjoying “Welcome to the Black Parade” recently, and pairs it up with “I’m Not Okay (I Promise).” Noelle says “Na Na Na” is frequently on repeat on her. What a suitable band for a month filled with romance and artificially flavored, heart-shaped sweets!

Others at FM89 are staying true to their all-time favorites. Jordan has been blasting “That’s All I Need” by Dirty Heads, and Nick counters that with “Woodpecker from Mars” by Faith No More. And of course, staff favorites never neglect to include some classics like ACDC, Queen, and Pink Floyd. Personally, I’ve been discovering more early 2000s like Paramore and Linkin Park.

Our staff with specialty shows are working tirelessly every week to bring you the best of the genres and themes. Last Friday, Alternage reviewed Machine Gun Kelly’s new album, and that’s why Rachel’s headphones have been filled with “Concert for Aliens.”

Above all, we love playing your favorite songs, so don’t forget to call, text, or tweet your requests our way! Thank you for your friendship! J