Bad Religion and Alkaline Trio at The Radius

by Jesse Hudgins

Last Saturday, I had the absolute privilege to go to my first ever concert at the newer venue The Radius. I would gladly go back to for any kind of show as the acoustics of the room were great, there was a lot of space, and it was just a good vibe in the room. The show that I got to see was a double headlining show from Alkaline Trio and Bad Religion. It was another show I never want to forget as it was one of the coolest shows I’ve seen in a while in a club.

The opener was the band War on Women. I hadn’t heard of them before Saturday’s show, but they were solid choice to open the night. They brought a lot of energy to the venue and got the crowd hyped up for the rest of the night. I would recommend giving a listen.

Then came Bad Religion, a band that I’ve always wanted to see but just never had the opportunity, and I wasn’t disappointed. They came out and totally controlled the crowd like it was nobody’s business. The crowd was going insane for every song they played, new and old. Stage presence is something that Bad Religion doesn’t lack in the slightest, knowing what the crowd wants (music and having fun). They gave the crowd exactly that, taking a break to talk only a few times during their set. It was also an awesome surprise when they played “Better Off Dead” off of Stranger Than Fiction for the first time in Chicago. It was such a good debut and a song I’m very glad I got to hear. Overall, Bad Religion didn’t disappoint for my first time seeing them, and I would gladly pay to see them again because they’re one punk band everybody should see at least once.

Alkaline Trio took the stage last, and they jumped right into their set with one of my favorite songs, “Private Eye,” which got the crowd on their feet instantly. The rest of the set was hit after hit with the crowd getting happier and louder with each song. The band also looked like they were having the best time of their lives, playing for the crowd, seeing them mosh, crowd surf, jump, and sing. The praise for the band can go on and on; they were just a fun band who knew how to put on one heck of a performance. It was such a cool and fun set to hear from front to back, and The Radius was the perfect setting for Alkaline Trio to play.

Overall, the night was amazing! It was another great concert that I got to experience with my dad, featuring two bands that I saw live for the first time, and would gladly see again and again, because they put on such a great show in a venue where there isn’t a bad spot.