The Day North Central Shut Down

by Jette-Mari Anni

Last Thursday afternoon, North Central College President Troy Hammond sent out an email announcing all classes would move to online only, and students were advised to move out of their dorms to protect our community from COVID-19. The whole week, professors had started each class with updates on what information they’ve been given and what they predicted to happen in the next couple of days.… Click here to continue reading!

Out-of-State Student Struggles

by Fredlyn Pierre Louis

Students go to college out-of-state for multiple reasons. I did it because I have big dreams that require living near a big city like Chicago. I came to North Central College last fall from Florida, and after successfully completing my first semester, I feel confident in describing a few experiences of an out-of-state student:

  • What is home: When I went home over winter break, it felt like everyone and everything had changed, and I found myself questioning my interests.
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