Out-of-State Student Struggles

by Fredlyn Pierre Louis

Students go to college out-of-state for multiple reasons. I did it because I have big dreams that require living near a big city like Chicago. I came to North Central College last fall from Florida, and after successfully completing my first semester, I feel confident in describing a few experiences of an out-of-state student:

  • What is home: When I went home over winter break, it felt like everyone and everything had changed, and I found myself questioning my interests.
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Fury v. Wilder 2: Just Throw in The Towel!

by Vito Basile

If you’re a boxing fan, or just a sports movie fanatic, you might recall the scene in Rocky IV when Apollo Creed is getting his head knocked off by the Russian Ivan Drago. It’s been just under 48 hours since the Wilder/Fury rematch took place, and American boxing fans saw their heavyweight champ get brutally stopped, in what most believe, was a surprise TKO by Fury in the 7th.… Click here to continue reading!

Skill of a Gypsy King v. Power of the Bronze Bomber

By Vito Basile

Deontay Wilder (42-0-1) is statistically the greatest knockout artist ever in boxing’s heavyweight division with an 98% KO rate. The other 2% of the time, his opponent survived being in the squared circle with the Bronze Bomber. The two men that were lucky enough to get out while remaining conscious (although, I’m not sure if Fury knew where he was in that 12th round after the knockdown) were Bermane Stiverne and of course, the Gypsy King himself, Tyson Fury (29-0-1).… Click here to continue reading!